Salm Schulenburg

The Salm Schulenburg Group acquires timberland in the USA for family and institutional investors, and is subsequently responsible for the long-term, sustainable management of these properties. Since 1981, we have purchased more than 100,000 hectares of forest for clients. Seit 1981 haben wir mehr als 100.000 Hektar Wald für Kunden erworben.

With a strong team of foresters, consultants and lawyers, we manage the forests entrusted to us and acquire new areas for our clients every year.


The focus of Salm Schulenburg Group is on the three most attractive regions of North America:  1. Southeast, 2. Northeast, 3. Northwest.

The climatic and forestry conditions vary greatly from region to region. The extremely fast-growing pine forests in the South pose different opportunities for sustainable forest management than species-rich mixed forests in the Northeast, or large Douglas fir stands on the Pacific coast. 

Our Vision


The goal is to generate positive yields for our clients in a sustainable way with the nature entrusted to us.

We exclusively acquire forests of the highest quality, and emphasize professional management on the properties.

Our Locations

69,000 acres
Pacific Northwest
11,000 acres
Lake States
44,000 acres
65,000 acres